BOWDOIN - Baldwin, Bauldouyn, Baudouyn, Baudouin, Bowden, Bowdin, Bowdon,
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The Bauduoin's flight from France

Pierre Bauduoin fled La Rochelle France, due to religious persecution, to
Dublin Ireland aboard his ship "Le Jean". On July 6, 1682 the Mayor of
Dublin, Sir Humphrey Jarvis, grants the Bauduoin family refuge in Ireland.

While in Ireland Pierre Bauduoin and his family lived in the French Immigrant
Colony of Dublin. The Bauduoin's are documented as being there on April 1, 1683.
On July 17, 1684 Pierre appears before the Dublin officers of customs
and proclaims the ship "Le Jean" is his. The vessel is deemed "belonging
to Ireland" and becomes "John of Dublin".

Still in Ireland, Pierre works as a merchant and remains owner of his ship,
now know as "The John of Dublin". Pierre conducted much of his business
with the British colonies and eventually obtained a position with the Royal
Customs of Dublin. But he soon found himself without work when some of the
royal officers changed.

Without work or a means to provide for his family, Pierre prepares his
family for a long and dangerous journey. Pierre begins to gather the provisions
needed to sustain his family for several months, and with hopes of a new
life, on May 6, 1686 Pierre pays taxes on the cargo loaded on his ship "John
of Dublin" and sets sail for Pennsylvania. In May 1686 he left the port town
of Wexford with his family and headed for what would one day become the
American Colonies. One can only imagine what life would be like at sea.
Here there is nothing but blue skies, crashing waves, and a never-ending
horizon. With only the wind to guide them the family puts their lives into the
hands of God and prays for a safe and swift journey to the land waiting before them.

After months at sea, Pierre and his family arrive in the New World. Pierre
realizes he needs to find a new home and provide for his family. On
November 9, 1686 Pierre creates a bill of sell for 1/4 interest in his ship "John
of Dublin" that is held by the ships master John Chadeayne. Acting as attorny
for John Chadeayne, Pierre sells the 1/4 intrest for the sum of forty
pounds. On November 15, 1686 the bill of sale is officially documented. Pierre now
sets out to acquire the land his family so desperately needs. The family
needs to build a new home, start a new life by gathering what they can
find, farm the rich earth, and survive. Hopefully they will prosper.

In 1687 Pierre petitions the Governor of New England, Governor Andros, for
100 acres of land so that he can have the means to support his family.
Governor Andros approves the land grant, and on August 2, 1687 the
Bauduoin family is living on a land claim in the Casco Bay area. This is Casco Bay,
District of Maine, in the Massachusetts Colony.

Only a few short years pass in Casco Bay. The French and Indians begin an
uprising to break up the British settlements and skirmishes were occurring
everywhere. Pierre prays for his family's safety and fears for their lives.
As the attacks near, Pierre decides to escape into the night for the battles
are coming too close and too dangerous for his family. In 1690 the Bauduoin's
are forced to flee the Casco Bay area due to the French and Indian attacks on
the British settlement. Luck would be with them this time, for 24 hours later
the French and Indians would attack the British settlements. Casco Bay is
ravaged and burned to the ground. The settlers are massacred.

Time passes, the battles are over, and the family is thankful for escaping
Casco Bay with their lives. In 1695, in the Boston area, Pierre is found on a
voyage to Canada. He is employed and will be paid 2 pounds and 16 shillings
for "the fetching home" of the English prisoners that are in the hands of
the French soldiers. July to November, trip after trip, Pierre brings home the
prisoners. Many of them, clinging to life as they make the long voyage homeward.

On July 16, 1700 Pierre is named godfather to Peter Faneuil in a French
church ceremony in Boston. The Faneuil family gave Faneuil Hall to Boston in
1640. Four years after be becomes godfather to Peter, Pierre Bauduoin
makes out his will in Boston on June 16, 1704. Two years later Pierre is dead,
September 12, 1706.

Pierre Bauduoin was a French Huguenot who, after the revocation of the
Edict of Nantes in 1685, escaped with his wife and family and settled first in
Falmouth on Casco Bay in Maine (now Portland). Pierre, by profession, was a
merchant, and a physician. In 1690 he and his family moved to Boston.

The Bowdoin Family in the United States has the distinction that every
Bowdoin family member is a descendant of Pierre Bauduoin.
The following pages show the Bowdoin family from Pierre to the Present.
The data is a collection from archives, books, the internet, government offices,
bibles, and family members. I hope you find this information of value to you
during your research of the Bowdoin family. Good Luck!

Husband Wife

BAUDOYN de LA ROCHELLE (1400-1475)

BAUDOUYN, Pierre (1425-August 3,1502)

BAUDOUYN, Fran´┐Żois (1475-1546)

BAUDOUYN, Pierre (1510-1590)
    BAUDET, Madelaine

BAUDOUYN, Nicholas (1510-1590)
    VIAN, Martha

BAUDOUYN, Nicholas II (1530-1610)
    BIZET, Suzanne

Pierre Bauduoin (1661 - 1706)
    Elizabeth Fixe (1643-1720)

Jean Bauduoin [ John Bowdoin I ] (1674 - 1717)
    Susannah Stokley (~1676-~1741)

John Bowdoin Jr ( Bef. 1717-????)
    unknown Travis (????-????)

William Bowdon (1715/1720-1773)
    Elizabeth "Betty" unknown (~1718-~1774)

Travis Bowdon (~1749-1805)
    Mary unknown (~1745-????)

William Bowdon (1773/1774-~1827)
    unknown (????-????)

James Bowdoin Sr (~1765-~1845)
    Priscilla Williams (~1765-~1840)

William Bowdoin (~1786-~1865)
    Martha Smith (~1790-~1865)

Turner Bowdoin (~1812-1878/1879)
    Rebecca T. Maddox (~1812-1880/1900)

John Franklin Bowdoin (1837-1914)
    Nancy Harper (1840-1922)

Samson Bell Bowdoin (1868-1936)
    Nancy Kelley(1873-1922)

Marshall Phillip Bowdoin (1898-1976)
    Willie Ethel Till (1906-1966)

Bernarr McFadden Bowdoin(1928-2010)
    Margaret Ann Norton(1934-2014)

Steven Philip Bowdoin(1958-)
    Carmen Nanette Washington Bearden(1965-)

Jessica Nanette Bowdoin(1995-)